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Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering

Are your waiters losing a lot of time going back and forth from tables to the kitchen or bar to send orders or check if orders are ready, then this is for you.

We introduce to you as part of our POS4Mobile package, Mobile Ordering Solution. Waiters can send orders from their tablets to the bar and kitchen while they are at table with customers. As a customer, while you are deciding what to eat, you are already served drinks without the waiter leaving you.

Restaurant owners get the best out of service delivery because the time it takes for waiters to go back and forth the kitchen and bar is eliminated.

Another annoying experience is the endless wait by customers for their receipts, our Mobile Ordering Solution eliminates this too.

Mobile Ordering Solution Package Features

  • Speeds up ordering process with the use of waiter tablets
  • Inexpensive Solution, supports Windows, Android & iOS phones and tablets.
  • No Internet dependencies. No recurrent costs. Purchase once, use for Life!
  • Fast & Easy to use. Its all soft touch.
  • Improves Communication, Sales and Business
  • Better waiter - customer engagement because they spend more time with guests.
  • Better Customer Service
  • More Money in Your Pocket. Angry unattended Guests don’t walk away with your money.

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